Call Intercept

Android007  is the only app that allows you to spy on phone calls taking place on any Android device, Call Intercept  let you listen live to all  incoming or outgoing. It’s like having a direct line onto every call, hearing it live as it happens.

– Listen to any call made to or from the Target, live and as it happens.
– Spy on phone calls as easy as sending a secret SMS, or flipping a switch in your online Dashboard.
– Completely stealth, the Target phone will not know you are on the call and listening in.
– Android007 is the only product that offers Call Intercept for iOS7 and Android

Why You Need Live Call Interception

You can’t get any closer to the truth than when you’re a live participant, discreetly and directly listening to the actual conversations happening when you’re not around (or sometimes deliberately behind your back). Receive an alert when specific numbers make contact with your Target phone, then place a call directly to the Target to immediately spy on that live phone call in progress, but secretly. Your Target is none the wiser, but you sure will be!

Call Intercept differs from Call Recording in a very important way. Call Recording is valuable when you can’t listen live, although it isn’t real time and may be subject to both hardware and software limitations. This is based on the variety of cell phones and networks your Target may be using. What this means is that you will always need to wait for call recordings to be uploaded to your Dashboard, and there is no guarantee you will always hear both sides of the conversations.
Call Intercept differs, as you are an actual participant on the direct line with the live phone call you’re spying on, hearing both sides in real time!




Important Compatibility Information

This feature is for single SIM devices only. It is not compatible with dual SIM devices and it requires that the TARGET device network provider is GSM compatible. CDMA based networks are not compatible.

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